Nationwide On-Site Medical Screening

Preventive Medicine

It is less expensive to keep people healthy than it is to pay for the treatment of illnesses. Annual, on-site, mobile occupational health services and employee health screenings by IHC can reduce the demand for health care and help you realize reduced health care cost. On-site Hearing, mobile xray, Pulmonary Tests, Blood and Specimen Analysis along with other tests can save, not cost.

Why Choose Us?

The convenience of IHC’s nationwide onsite mobile medical screening services enable your employees to be tested with fewer interruptions to the workday thus controlling costs while promoting productivity.
All of our medical staff and health technicians are licensed or certified in their fields of expertise. Our screening services are federal standard compliant and clinically sound. Health tests are professionally reviewed by our physicians or audiologists, as applicable, giving your employees reliable recommendations.
We adapt our services to our client’s needs working closely with your company to provide quality, accurate test results. IHC provides complete analysis, record keeping, recommendations, summary reports and notifications.


Some of Our Clients

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